Fortnite: The Best Guns So Far

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A game as prolific and eventful as Fortnite is sure to have a lot of debate surrounding the topic of what may be its best guns. In Fortnite, the best guns will change from season to season, as each new season brings with it new toys to try out and new themes that open up new creative avenues for Epic. After much deliberation, here are our picks for the best guns in Fortnite so far.

The Best Guns In Fortnite

The best guns in Fortnite will vary from season to season.
The best guns in Fortnite will vary from season to season.

Burst Assault Rifle (Epic Or Legendary)

Arguably the most versatile and reliable gun in the game, a purple or orange “Bursty” is must-have loot whenever it drops from chests or into eliminated players’ loot piles. The Burst AR is extremely accurate and fires off three rounds with every trigger-pull, allowing you to recenter the gun on your likely moving target with very limited recoil. In seasons where the Burst Assault Rifle is vaulted, its absence is sorely missed.

Compact Submachine Gun

If you play like me, you always want to have a close-range weapon in your inventory. While many prefer shotguns for such encounters, I’ve found the Compact SMG gives me a better chance of winning gun battles. Shotguns are brutal but slow, whereas the Compact SMG gives you a big magazine and almost unrivaled firing rate, meaning anyone who strays too close can be eliminated swiftly with plenty of the clip left over for their teammates.

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