Fortnitemares: Wrath Of The Cube Queen Is Now Live In Fortnite For Halloween

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Fortnitemares: Wrath of the Cube Queen is now live in Fortnite, and with it comes a ton of new content that will carry players through Halloween and the end of the month. This is, without a doubt, the biggest Fortnitemares event in the game’s history, so follow along with us as we break down all the new mechanics, modes, and free stuff you can earn over the next several days.

Fortnitemares: Wrath of the Cube Queen

At the heart of the Wrath of the Cube Queen event is the arrival of the titular villain. Alongside her underlings, new Caretaker enemy types, the Cube Queen has overtaken the center of the map and constructed The Convergence.

The Convergence is the “Cube Town” location we’d previously heard about through leaks, and its purpose is a foreboding mystery right now. These new Caretakers will guard The Convergence and pull you into The Sideways with their tendrils should you get too close. But Epic has also teased that tremendous loot awaits those who can survive an encounter with the Caretakers.

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