Galaxy Quest 2: Tim Allen Gives An Update On The Script

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1999’s sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest, which is a spoof of Star Trek and sci-fi tropes in general, is a cult classic and fans want to see a sequel. Actor Tim Allen, who starred in the movie as ship captain Peter Quincy Taggart, has now provided an update on how it’s coming along.

Speaking to EW, Allen said the writers came up with a “fabulous” script, but it will need to be changed following the death of Alan Rickman, who played the Spock-like Dr. Lazarus. The story for the sequel was all about Lazarus and Taggart, so the idea will need to be rebooted.

“[The script] had a hiccup because the wonderful Alan Rickman passed. So it all got very sad and dark because [the script] was all about [Lazarus] and Taggart. It was all about their story. It doesn’t mean they can’t reboot the idea, and the underlying story was hysterical and fun.”

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