Game Boy Advance Turns 20 Years Old Today

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Two decades ago on June 11, 2001, Nintendo launched its successor to the Game Boy handheld console in North America. Dubbed the Game Boy Advance and having already launched in Japan in March that same year, Nintendo’s latest console arrived hot on the heels of a device that had utterly dominated the 1990s and easily outlasted competitors such as Sega’s Game Gear and Nomad, as well as the infamous Game.Com.

To stay ahead of the competition such as the Neo Geo Pocket and the Wonderswan Color at the time, Nintendo needed to think big. Gone was the vertical orientation of the original Game Boy, as the Game Boy Advance favored a more natural landscape position for its signature shape, with a TFT LCD screen capable of transmitting a staggering 32,000 simultaneous colors at a crisp resolution of 240 x 160.

Controls were kept simple with an eight-way directional pad for movement on the left, two face buttons for actions on the right, and two shoulder buttons at the top. Coupled with punchy audio from dual 8-bit DAC for stereo sound, and the Game Boy Advance looked like a huge step up from its predecessor.

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