Genshin Impact Events Begin Alongside New Patch

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Developer Mihoyo has revealed a handful of Genshin Impact events and wishes that are now live on Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PC, and PlayStation 4 following the game’s version 1.2 update. Each has a different end date, with one of them extending into February 2021.

The headlining event is The Chalk Prince and The Dragon, which sees the introduction of the sword-wielding Geo alchemist Albedo and gives players the chance to get the four-star sword Festering Desire for free until January 1. Those looking to score a five-star version of Albedo can participate in his Secretum Secretorum Character Wish Event until January 12. And smashed in between both of these events is round two of the Adventurer’s Booster Bundles, a package that usually contains an assortment of goodies like Genesis Crystals, Mora, and XP.

A Character Trial Event featuring Albedo, Bennett, Fischl, and Sucrose is also live until January 12, providing players with a fixed team in order to complete challenges for various reward.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup