Get A Closer Look At The Batman's Batmobile As A Hot Wheels R/C Car

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Hot Wheels R/C The Batman Batmobile

With the release of the latest trailer for The Batman, Hot Wheels is debuting a brand-new collectible which recreates the iconic car at a smaller scale–which you can also drive. Mattel has given us a look at the new R/C car, which also has a tiny Batman inside, driving it.

Over at Mattel Creations, the pre-sale begins 10/20 at 9 AM PT for the Batmobile, but you’re probably wondering on the specifics, aren’t you? The R/C car comes in at 19.5 inches long, 9.6 inches wide, and 5.3 inches tall. It can reach speeds of 15 mph, with a total play time of 25 minutes on a three hour-long charge. It does come at a hefty price, though. This R/C will cost you $500. However, there’s more to the car.

Modeled after the look of the car from The Batman, it has rear-wheel drive and working suspension. The car has color-change LEDs and water vapor. The inside features lighted instrumentation, and a steering wheel and shifter that moves. The 6-inch tall Batman on the inside is removable, and can be positioned to “drive” the vehicle while you control the car.

Check out some highly-detailed photos and more info about the car below.

A good place to park your car

When you’re not racing down the streets of Gotham–or in your living room–you can park your Batmobile on this ramp. It has a few Batcave-type things to immerse yourself in The Batman.

Batcave parking spot

Here’s a look at the parking spot without the Batmobile. One of the things included is a Batsignal, which is a little weird to have in the Batcave.


Of course, the Batcave wouldn’t be complete without a couple of high-performance computers so the Caped Crusader can research the criminals he’s after or play Minecraft.

Full of lights

The Batmobile comes with headlights and interior lights, so you can see the intense look on Batman’s face as he drives.

Batman might have gone Batmudding

There’s a lot of attention to detail, which includes some wear and tear on the car. There’s dust and dirt splatter on the paint job.

Big ol’ engine

The rear-mounted engine shoots water vapor, and it also lights up. There are brake lights as well.

Rear view

Here’s a rear view of the car, and you can see the suspension as well, so feel free to have the Batmobile do some sweet jumps.

Front view

Again, there’s some wear on the front bumper here. Additionally, the Batmobile has working headlights.

Interior view

As mentioned previously, Batman “drives” the car as you control it. The interior dashboard lights up as well.

Top view

Check out what the Batmobile looks like from the top.

If you want to order this R/C car, the pre-sale goes live on Mattel Creations on 10/20 at 9 AM PT.

Source: Game Spot Mashup