Gran Turismo 7 Behind The Scenes Trailer Reflects On Car Culture

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The latest trailer for the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 is taking us behind the scenes with producer Kazunori Yamauchi, who reflects on the many different facets that make up car culture. The point of the trailer is, of course, that any kind of car enthusiast will find something for them in the next mainline Gran Turismo game, but the trailer also shows off plenty of new footage from both cinematics and gameplay.

“The breadth of automotive culture is very broad,” Yamauchi explains. “I think the car is one of the most beautiful industrial products. The appreciation for the beauty of their shapes is car culture.”

But it’s not just aethetics–according to Yamauchi, car culture also encompasses the enjoyment of driving and controlling a high-powered car, collecting various unique models, customizing either the internal parts or the aesthetics of a car, and even car photography. All of these will be incorporated into Gran Turismo 7’s gameplay in some way, Yamauchi promises.

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