Halo Infinite Apparently Lets You Push The Flag With A Vehicle In CTF

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It appears that in Halo Infinite‘s capture the flag mode vehicles can push the flag across the map, providing a new way to move the flag. In a short clip shared on Reddit, gameplay of capture the flag on the Behemoth map shows a player shoving the enemy flag with a ghost, moving it across the map to their own base, and eventually picking up the flag and scoring it.

It’s unclear from the clip if this is a bug or an intended feature. Capture the flag and the Behemoth map are both scheduled to be a part of the upcoming Halo Infinite tech test this weekend, so players will have the chance to test out this new feature if it is indeed supposed to be there.

While, understandably, some fans feel that being able to shove the flag with a vehicle might be unbalanced, based on the clip it looks to be a little easier said than done. Plus, flag carriers can sit in the passenger seat of some vehicles, like the Warthog, which would still be faster than poking the flag along. There are other factors as well. For example, the map shown is a 4v4 arena map with vehicles. Not every 4v4 map has vehicles, so there will be matches of CTF without players shoving the flag along. With the first multiplayer session for the upcoming tech test going live tomorrow, we should know exactly how this works relatively soon.

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