Halo Infinite Beta Has Weirdly Impressive Duffle Bag Physics And A Wild Wet Floor Sign Bug

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Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer beta test is out now, and players have discovered some new oddities–including a bag that has a better physics/modeling than anyone might have guessed and a bug that causes wet floor signs to go completely haywire.

Reddit user acrking76 posted an incredible video of a UNSC military bag featuring a physics and modeling system that is quite impressive. Watch the video below to see how even the faintest touch of the bag affects its model with an impressive attention to detail. “Why are the physics and modeling on this bag so good,” acrking76 asked. A very good question, indeed.

As for the wet floor sign bug, Reddit user Rough-Many-4308 posted a video that shows something going very, very wrong. The player fires a few plasma grenades and, out of nowhere and for seemingly no reason, an avalanche of wet floor signs begin erupting from out of the ether. This video was captured in the game’s new Training Mode, which lets you spawn infinite ammo and equipment.

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