Halo Infinite's Craig The Brute Is Now A Rockstar In Campaign Easter Egg

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Halo Infinite‘s campaign will memorialize Craig the Brute–a meme about Halo Infinite’s poor visuals that have since been improved–it has been discovered.

An Easter egg themed around Craig has been discovered in the game’s campaign. “Craig” is apparently a famous touring musician in the year 2560. A concert poster with multiple tour dates and an album of Craig’s Greatest Hits have been discovered in the campaign, as you can see in the images below.

Tom Warren of The Verge documented the Craig Easter egg, explaining that you need to use an upgraded version of the Grappleshot to get on top of a structure to find it. The album art shows that some of Craig’s famous songs include “The Day You Become a Meme,” “I Am So Famous,” “I Got Tears Last Summer,” and ‘I Smile Inside.”

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Source: Game Spot Mashup