Halo Infinite's Latest Devblog Delayed As Studio Focuses On Big June Event

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Microsoft normally gives fans an update on Halo Infinite about once per month through its Inside Infinite blog post series, but plans are shifting for May due to the recently announced Xbox summer showcase. Community director Brian Jarrard said on Twitter that, with the Xbox/Bethesda event coming up soon on June 13, 343 Industries has decided to push the Inside Infinite blog post planned for May into sometime in June.

It appears the blog post for May was scheduled to premiere on May 27, and Jarrard apologized to a fan about the short notice. “Aye, sorry for that; life’s come at us fast these days,” Jarrard said.

The teaser art for the Xbox/Bethesda summer event strongly indicates that Halo Infinite will have a significant presence at the show. This should be no surprise, given Halo Infinite is one of Microsoft’s marquee 2021 titles. Despite just being a few months away from release, we’ve seen zero multiplayer footage and only a portion of the campaign. Presumably, the Xbox briefing on June 13 is when Microsoft will go big and finally show more of the game.

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