Halo Infinite's Training Mode Sounds Great

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Players getting into the Halo Infinite beta test this weekend will only have a few limited windows to enter matchmaking with other players–but the good news is the game’s new Training Mode, part of the overarching Academy experience, will be available to play at any time over the whole weekend. Here’s a bit more detail on what the mode involves and how it works.

Training Mode is one of the Halo Infinite Academy’s three game modes, the others being Weapon Drills, which is also available in the beta test, and Tutorial, which offers players more of a narrative introduction to Halo’s world. Training Mode looks to be the standout of the three, offering a full sandbox for players to experiment with loadouts against bot enemies, able to change whatever settings they want on the fly.

In the September game update on Halo Waypoint, the Academy team described what Training Mode is, and how it’s set to become a vital part of the Halo Experience.

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