Halo: MCC Could Potentially Get Bigger Player Counts, Up to 60 Players

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Bigger player counts, potentially all the way up to 60 players, could be coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection multiplayer in the future, according to a 343 Industries producer.

On a segment of an official Xbox Twitch stream in which Master Chief Collection was being played (and clipped by Halo content creator Mint Blitz), 343 Industries producer Sean Swidersky says the team is currently investigating whether it would be possible to bring higher player count matches to the collection of classic Halo games.

“Halo’s epic, if we can add more people, which you can, but obviously performance on some of the other consoles…if we can add that kind of stuff to go higher than 16 players in these classic games, hell get up to 40, 60, that’d be wild,” Swidersky says.

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