Happy Holidays! Try 30 Days Of Giant Bomb Premium Absolutely Free!

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Let’s cut to the chase: here’s how to get 30 days of Giant Bomb Premium absolutely free if you are not a current subscriber!

How Do I Sign Up For This Wonderful Deal?

If you don’t currently have an account on the site, here’s what you do!

  1. Go to www.giantbomb.com/login-signup
  2. Sign up for a new account with an Account Type of Basic – Free
  3. Head to www.giantbomb.com/billing and select “Gift Card” as your Payment Type.
  4. Enter WINTER20 into the “Gift Card Number” field, throw in your payment details, and submit!

If you DO already have an account on the site AND are not a current subscriber, just go to step three and proceed from there.

Why Do You Need My Payment Stuff? I Thought This Wonderful Deal Was Free!

Our current payment processor requires payment details before a trial starts! You can cancel anytime before the thirty days are up and you will not be charged.

How Long Will This Wonderful Deal Last?

You have until 12/31 to take advantage of this wonderful deal! The trial will last for 30 days from the time you redeem the code.

Hey I Need Some Visual Aids!

Ok! If you don’t already have a free account, sign up like this! Be sure to select the Basic – Free account type!:

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After that, navigate your internet web browser over to www.giantbomb.com/billing and select whether you want a Monthly or Yearly subscription (again, you can cancel any time during the 30 day trial and you will not be charged). Under Payment Method, hit Gift Card, then enter the Winter20 code into the Gift Card Number field.

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After that, you need to put your payment info into the field (sorry, that’s the way our payment processor works!) and you’ll be set for 30 days of Premium access! Wow! Catch up on ten years of Premium content, or enjoy the current stylings of shows like The HotSpot, Vinny’s open-world insanity in Assassin’s Creed: Vindicate, or catch up with some Playdates! We appreciate your support and hope to have you around for another great year in 2021!

Source: Giant Bomb