HBO Max: How It Differs From HBO Now And HBO Go

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The streaming war continues. Wednesday, May 27, will see the launch of the latest addition to the streaming landscape-WarnerMedia’s HBO Max. The platform will consist of movies, TV shows, and original content from a variety of networks and movie studios. The result is three different services with “HBO” in its title: HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max–which could get a bit confusing. So what’s the difference between all of these services?

There are now three HBO-related platforms, all offering up something a bit different, and it can be a little bit confusing for the uninitiated. Here is a very quick rundown of the three.

  • HBO Go-A service available to cable subscribers, streaming HBO content to internet-connected devices.
  • HBO Now-The same thing as HBO Go except it’s a standalone streaming service, not attached to your cable provider.
  • HBO Max-WarnerMedia’s platform. While it does offer HBO content, it also includes original programming and content from a variety of other networks and movie studios.

HBO Max won’t launch until the end of May, but there are plenty of original shows coming on Day One. Additionally, the service will have a lot of great content on launch day, including Doom Patrol, Friends, and Studio Ghibli films.

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