Hobbit Day Is Here–Happy Birthday, Bilbo And Frodo!

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September 22 is a very special day in Middle-earth history. It is the shared birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, and the day is celebrated on the internet as Hobbit Day.

Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring begins with Bilbo’s 111th birthday party, which proves to be a jubilant and critical point in his journey. It is the day that Bilbo gives up the One Ring and leaves the Shire for good. Frodo takes ownership of the One Ring, and, well, plenty of drama ensues.

People are celebrating the occasion by dressing up as Hobbits, re-watching The Lord of the Rings, turning the pages of Tolkien’s iconic fantasy work, and eating donuts. Deviant Donuts in Mystic, Connecticut created some incredible-looking Lord of the Rings-themed donuts to celebrate Hobbit Day. You can get a closer look at the scrumptious and decadent-looking creations below.

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