Horror Game Evil Inside Looks A Lot Like PT In New Trailer

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Developer JanduSoft has released a new trailer for its psychological horror title Evil Inside–and it looks very similar to the infamously delisted PlayStation 4-exclusive P.T. The trailer sets Evil Inside’s mood before the game drops on March 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

The trailer is brief, clocking in at a little under two minutes in length, and it’s incredibly eerie. There’s an unsettling melody playing in the background as the protagonist Mark walks through the corridors of a house that periodically oscillates from the horrific to the normal.

Evil Inside puts players in the shoes of Mark, a teenage boy watching over his little brother, as he attempts to piece together by their dad murdered their mom Rose. To do this, Mark must collect fragments of the Spiritual board to connect Rose and get her side of the story. The story takes place inside one place, not unlike other walking simulators like P.T and Gone Home.

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