How CoD: Warzone Season 4 Could Shake Things Up

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Call of Duty’s Season 3 has been one of the best seasons of content since the integration of Black Ops Cold War. A lackluster Season 2 is in the rearview, and players are currently racking up kills as Rambo and John McClane in the ’80s Action Heroes event. However, as we look to what could come in Season 4 and beyond, we can see there are still some interesting things potentially on the horizon for Warzone.

Map Changes

Even though Season 3 just nuked the modern Verdansk map, introducing the new Cold War-era Verdansk ’84, we’ve already seen some nice map changes with the mid-season Reloaded update. There’s the arrival of Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard, which has its own unique missions and lootable vault. There are also smaller additions of Rambo’s survival camps and the CIA Outpost, but it’s uncertain if any of these locations will stick around post-Season 3, as Rambo and McClane’s bundles are set to disappear June 18.

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