How Nintendo Switch Backwards Compatibility Works

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The Nintendo Switch has been one of the company’s greatest console hits, and with numbers continually increasing, the hybrid home and handheld gaming device is slowly catching up with the sales record set by the DS family of hardware. Part of what makes the Switch such a popular console is its library of great games, which range from indie hits to first-party must-play experiences. If you look hard enough there’s even a selection of retro Nintendo games to try out, but with a few caveats.

Here’s how backwards compatibility works on the Nintendo Switch.

Can I play DS, 3DS, And Wii U physical games on Switch?

The short answer is no. The Switch only accepts its own proprietary cartridges, while downloaded games from its online store are saved on the console’s internal storage or on an SD card inserted into it. The Switch has no disc drive, and its cartridge slot won’t accept DS or 3DS cartridges.

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