How To Clear Game Cache on Xbox Series X|S And Xbox One

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The Xbox series of consoles happen to have a few features similar to that of computers, including a cache that the hardware can dig into when it needs quick access to storage. If the cache ever gets full, it can mean reduced efficiency, performance, and speed on a console, slowing down operations to a noticeable degree. The good news is that you can clear your cache, with several methods available for doing so.

Clearing your cache will remove temporary data from your gaming activity, while leaving downloaded games, apps, and entertainment untouched, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting that data. Here’s how it all works.

How To Clear Xbox Series X|S And Xbox One Cache

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How to clear game cache on Xbox: Option 1

The first option is the easiest: A cold restart. Unplug your Xbox console, and leave it like this for at least two minutes before you reinsert the plug. While the console is in this powered down state, press and hold the power button several times.

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