How To Delete Nintendo Switch Games And Save Data

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The Nintendo Switch is an impressive hybrid handheld and home console, but internal storage is one of its weak points. The original Switch and the Switch Lite model only have 32 GB of internal storage, while this year’s new OLED model doubles up and offers 64 GB of space to house your digital game purchases. That’s a decent amount of space for small games, but you’ll quickly find yourself running out of room when you start installing more demanding titles.

There’s three solutions to this problem: Buy the physical version of games whenever possible, or invest in a microSD card that has sufficient storage capacity. The third fix is more drastic though, as you can free up space by simply deleting games and save data, freeing up some room on your Switch for new purchases. If that’s the only option available to you, here’s how you can do it.

How to delete Nintendo Switch games

On the Switch home screen or All Software menu, highlight the game you want to delete and press the + button on the right-hand controller. This also applies to the Switch Pro controller.

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