How To Get A Valorant Beta Key Drop Before Beta Ends Soon

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The Valorant closed beta has been active for a while now, but there are still plenty of people who haven’t gotten their beta key yet. Now with the Valorant beta ending soon and an official release date announced, you might not be in as much of a rush to get in–it will be free to play for everyone at launch. Of course, Valorant is still among the top-streamed games on Twitch and reached record-breaking viewership numbers post-launch as players scrambled to get into the exclusive testing period. Its ranked competitive mode finally went live in a recent patch too–with ranks resetting after the closed beta period ends, now is still a good time to get in early and test things out before launch. You can learn more about how Valorant’s ranked system works in our guide or read the patch notes for one of Valorant’s biggest updates to see what else is new before the game launches. Otherwise, keep reading for some tips on how to get your Valorant beta key before the game launches in a few weeks.

How To Get A Valorant Beta Key From Twitch Stream Drops

To get a Valorant beta key, you will need a Riot account, but you also need to sign up for Twitch. You must also be located in one of the regions listed later in this section. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to become eligible for a Valorant beta invite.

  1. Register for a Riot account
  2. Sign up for Twitch
  3. Link your Riot and Twitch accounts and make sure drops are enabled
  4. Watch Valorant streams on Twitch

During the second week of beta, Riot expanded which streams can actually drop beta invites. Originally, only Twitch streamers specially selected by Riot to drop invites could do so, meaning you could only watch specific streams to get access. But now all Twitch streamers with access to the closed beta are able to drop beta invites for their viewers, as long as they are streaming Valorant. This doesn’t increase the number of invites going out, but it does widen your options for getting into the beta. It should be harder to game the system than it was initially, as, well, as Twitch updated its guidelines to prevent people from running VOD 24/7 sessions to farm the keys.

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