How To Set Up Dual Monitors For PC Gaming In 2021

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Once you get a second monitor, you can’t go back. It’s a sentiment that may seem silly to some, but once you get used to organizing your windows and programs across two or more screens, it’s hard to imagine gaming or using a PC without them. There are plenty of reasons to add a second monitor to your setup, whether you’re using it to work from home, play games, stream on Twitch or YouTube, or do production work. Having a second monitor helps streamline your tasks and maximize productivity–or even give you a wider view of specific games.

Before setting up dual monitors, however, you shouldn’t just buy any two monitors and throw them on a desk. There are some important factors to consider, including your graphics card, whether you’re using a laptop, and your budget. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out exactly what your dual-monitor setup should look like.

Benefits of dual monitors

The most obvious benefit of a dual-monitor setup is that you get an extra screen to do whatever you want with. If you want to expand your total viewing space or even just put Netflix on your other monitor while you work or game, you can. Let’s jump into the specifics on why someone may want to add an extra screen.

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