In Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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Most superhero games give you all the power–you are, of course, the hero of the story. With Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, developer Eidos Montreal is taking a different approach, putting you into a superhero team with the focus on making you feel like part of the group. You can’t deal with every problem on your own, but it’s remarkable how, through the teamwork mechanics within the game, you quickly start to feel like you can work together with the other Guardians to handle any obstacle.

We recently got to spend about two hours playing a chapter of Guardians of the Galaxy, which gave a sense of both how the choice-based story will unfold and how you’ll handle controlling the entire team of Guardians in battle. In both cases, your choices as the de facto leader of the Guardians is important, but yours isn’t the only voice that matters. Through its mechanics and its character development, Guardians of the Galaxy puts its focus on being a single-player game that’s all about teamwork.

The portion we played takes place on a Nova Corps station called The Rock, where the Guardians head to pay a fine in order to get the interstellar fuzz off their backs. It starts in typical Guardians fashion–the team doesn’t agree on the best course of action, and as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, you have to deal with their different personalities and bickering. Gamora thinks it’s a good idea to settle up on the fine, even though it’s costly, so the Guardians won’t have to keep looking over their shoulders. Rocket, on the other hand, wants to just make a run for it and keep the cash.

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