Japanese "Anti-RPG" Moon Is Coming To Nintendo Switch, Release Date Announced

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You may not have heard of the 1997 Japanese RPG Moon, but it’s had a major influence on many famous games, particularly Toby Fox’s offbeat Undertale. Now, the cult game is finally receiving a long-overdue English translation when it comes to Nintendo Switch on August 27.

Described as an “anti-RPG” by several of the developers behind it, Moon satirizes many of the conventions of the genre, particularly the concept of killing endless hordes of monsters in order to level up. It was one of the very first games to have NPCs follow a set schedule, presaging the more famous Shenmue by only a few years.

Moon will cost $19 on the Nintendo eShop. Many of the developers behind Moon worked on more notable RPGs of the era, particularly Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG. The game is often compared to Shigesato Itoi’s fellow cult hit Earthbound for its irreverent attitude and playful twists on classic RPG tropes.

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