JJ Abrams And Angela Robinson To Adapt DC's Madame X For HBO Max

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HBO Max will soon be home to another DC Comics adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. JJ Abrams is teaming up with Angela Robinson (The L Word) in an adaptation of Madame X–a character who falls under the Justice League Dark umbrella. Robinson was personally brought on board by Abrams’ wife and producing partner, Katie McGarth. Robinson will be writing and executive producing the series.

In DC Comics history, Madame X is also known as Madame Xanadu, and is rooted in the magical alternate-history of the DCU. Dating back to the realm of Camelot, Madame X was born Nimue Inwudu and is the half-sister of King Arthur himself. Taught magic by Merlin, Madame X was soon granted a sort of immortality which explains her existence in the modern age.

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