John Wick 4's Production Kicks Off

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Actor Shamier Anderson and the official John Wick Twitter account revealed that John Wick 4 has started filming, a little less than a year from when the movie releases. The fourth John Wick film featuring Keanu Reeves as an extremely competent assassin hits theaters on May 24, 2022.

Anderson was confirmed for John Wick 4 on June 4, but his role has been kept a secret. Rina Sawayama–British pop star–and Donnie Yen are part of the cast as well, with similar mystery around what characters they’ll assume in the movie.

John Wick 3 featured the series’ eponymous hero dealing with the consequences of murdering the High Table crime lord Santino D’Antonio at the New York Continental Hotel, neutral territory where fellow assassins are supposed to not kill each other. The film ends with Wick agreeing with the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) that the High Table is, to put it lightly, highly annoying. While John Wick 4’s plot has been kept under lock and key, it’s likely that the fourth installment will deal with the third movie’s loose ends, namely the conflict between Wick and the High Table.

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