Kangaroo Jack Star Confirms There Is An R-Rated Cut

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It is widely known that the 2003 movie Kangaroo Jack began its life as an R-rated mobster movie called Down Under, but could the original edition that was film get a re-release in the wake of the Snyder Cut? Star Jerry O’Connell said in no uncertain terms that an R-rated cut of the movie exists that features a lot more adult content, including his own full frontal nudity. Don’t get your hopes up for it to be released, however.

“There is an R-rated cut of Kangaroo Jack out there. There is full frontal involved,” he told Kinda Funny. “We need the O’Connell cut.” Unfortunately, however, O’Connell remarked that “it’s never gonna happen.”

O’Connell mentioned in the interview that the first version of the movie featured a lot of cursing and nudity to capture its R rating. The executives decided to change the movie to a PG rating after testing it.

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