Loki: So Is Sylvie The MCU's Lady Loki Or Not?

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Episode 2 of Loki ended on a bombshell reveal–the Loki variant that the TVA had been chasing through time and space was, in fact, a woman. This prompted many fans to speculate on the introduction of a popular comics version of the character, known as Lady Loki. However, despite the clear parallels this new Loki had to Lady Loki, some parts of the puzzle seemed to be missing. Her design was specifically very different for one, and for another, she immediately seemed to rail against the comparison to Loki himself when they met.

Of course, we didn’t get much time to examine the possibilities as Episode 2 drew to a close in truly chaotic fashion. But here, in Episode 3, we get to spend some quality time with this new character–and learn that she might not be a version of Lady Loki after all.

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