Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War Reveals More Details About Its Vision Of Middle-Earth

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Lord of the Rings: Rise To War is a mobile strategy game based on the Third Age of Middle-earth. It’s due to release soon, dropping just a day after Bilbo and Frodo’s shared birthday on September 23, and developer NetEase is sharing some juicy new details on how the game will play.

NetEase released a video with senior game designer Nicolas Perrin, who discusses the appeal of bringing Middle-earth to life in a video game before going into more detail as to how Rise To War has handled that task.

Perrin says the game’s format alone sets Rise To War apart from the numerous other Lord of the Rings games that have been made over the years. “While most of the other Lord of the Rings games are about roleplay, our game is about strategy,” Perrin said. “We think that it’s an opportunity for players to experience going to war in Middle-earth.”

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