Madden 20 Has A New Fastest-Ever QB, And The Gameplay Videos Are Impressive

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Madden NFL 20 has a new quarterback speed champion. Due to his solid on-field performance this year, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens has seen his speed rating increased to 96, which is the highest-ever for a quarterback in the popular professional football series. The previous record-holder was Michael Vick, who had a speed rating of 94.

In a statement on Instagram, Vick congratulated Jackson on beating his ratings record. He said: “Lamar’s the modern day new era quarterback and well deserving of it. Changing of the guard; it’s all good, man. All records are made to be broken. The next generation are supposed to be better than us. Gotta give credit where credit is due.”

Responding to his new speed rating, Jackson said at a press conference that it’s still too low.

Players have taken to Twitter and other sources to showcase Jackson’s new speed in Madden 20, and it looks dramatic. He also has a 94 acceleration rating and 95 agility rating, which makes him very elusive. You can see one of these videos down below.

Vick was regarded as one of the best, most dynamic, and slippery quarterbacks in Madden 2004 with his 94 speed rating. Some considered him to be overpowered, and it’s likely people will say the same about Jackson with his new high speed rating. Earlier Madden titles locked their playing ratings on disc, but these days they are updated regularly based on how players perform on the field.

Jackson has 24 touchdowns and 2,427 yards of passing this year leading the Ravens to a 9-2 record that is currently good for first place in the AFC North.

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