Marvel's Eternals Review — A Gorgeous Experiment

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It seems only fitting that, following a year-long drought, Marvel Studios would come back with more theatrical releases than ever–three, to be exact, all within a seven month window, all interspersed with the new streaming TV shows set within the MCU. There is more Marvel content in 2021 than there’s ever been and the risk of running into superheroic burnout is higher than ever. Thankfully, with this latest big screen release Eternals, Disney and Marvel are showcasing a willingness to break their own mold more than ever and bringing some much needed changes to the traditional Marvel Studios formula.

Like Shang-Chi before it, Eternals tells the story of a brand new cast of characters, never before seen or even hinted at within the MCU. They’re a band of ancient immortals who have existed on Earth for thousands of years on a mission to keep an onslaught of monsters called Deviants at bay. Unfortunately for them, they were able to eradicate the Deviants pretty early on in Earth’s history so they’ve mostly just been hanging out in secret since then. The reason for this secrecy is a strict order given by their creator, a Celestial being named Arishem, who insists they must never interfere with any human conflicts unless the Deviants are involved.

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