Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Guide – Essential Tips For First-Timers

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It’s safe to say that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition isn’t exactly a small game, what with it bundling the first three entries in BioWare’s grand space odyssey together into one gigantic package. Like any good RPG of its time, Mass Effect was built on various character classes, an entire spaceship of equipment to manage, and a whole lot of talking.

If you’re new to Mass Effect, fear not! We’ve got a selection of tips below to help you get into the swing of things right out of the space-gate. From combat to galactic readiness, here’s everything to help you get started. For more about how the collection stacks up, be sure to read our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition review in progress.

Know Your Role

It's important to know your class's strengths.
It’s important to know your class’s strengths.

With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, there’s a more unified approach to how class systems work between all three games. Each class serves a particular need and playstyle, whether they be Jack-of-all-trades combat experts or titans wielding biotic powers. There are obviously finer details to be explored throughout the entire trilogy as you grow Shepard’s powers, but the broad strokes of each class are:

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