Microsoft Is Trying To Grow Halo's Esports Viewership With Halo Infinite: Here's How

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Microsoft has big plans to grow Halo’s esports viewership in the future, and developer 343 Industries has now outlined why viewership is so important and how the studio is going about expanding the reach of competitive Halo.

In a blog post, Halo’s esports boss Tashi started off by explaining why viewership is so important. He explained that more viewership means more people getting involved in Halo, which in turn is good for the franchise overall.

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“If a game is entertaining to watch, has great esports content and streamers, and has strong viewership, the entire ecosystem will continue to grow organically over time,” Tashi said. “More viewership = more incentive to stream, more diverse content, more financial support for streamers (including competitive players), bigger and better tournaments, and more interest in the scene as a whole.”

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