Midnight Club: Los Angeles Is Once Again Up For Sale On Xbox

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Rockstar’s 2008 racing game Midnight Club: Los Angeles has returned to the Xbox store, after having been briefly taken down earlier this week. Users on ResetEra spotted the delisting and return of the game originally, which left and came back without any fuss. As for the reason why the game was taken down originally, Rockstar hasn’t made any announcements yet.

Racing games usually encounter licensing issues surrounding the use of car brands or music that leads to delisting, as seen with Forza Horizon 3 recently. While some players have mentioned that it took a few tries, it looks like Midnight Club: Los Angeles can still be purchased and played on Xbox One and on Xbox Series X|S through backwards compatibility.

This is likely just a case of housecleaning from Rockstar, who put out surprise updates for Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire this month that unlocked free DLC for those titles. Midnight Club II was also briefly relisted on Steam before it vanished again, while Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis appears to still be missing in action on digital marketplaces.

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