Minecraft Speedrunner Admits To Accidentally Cheating In Record Runs

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One of the largest Minecraft content creators on YouTube, Dream, has admitted to accidentally cheating in a record-setting speedrun. The extremely popular Minecraft speedrunner stated that he accidentally used a mod that boosted the spawn rates of items key to the run, and that he didn’t realize it was active during the runs until a few months ago.

Dream has 23 million subscribers on the video platform, and his channel helped ignite a surge of interest in Minecraft speedrunning. (Minecraft is currently the most popular game on Speedrun.com, with over 1,000 active players. For comparison, the second-most popular game, Super Mario 64, has 358.) However, when several of Dream’s speedruns started to make the all-time leaderboard, several of the game’s moderators began to suspect that the YouTuber’s luck was a little too good.

For context, Minecraft speedrunning is extremely RNG-dependent. Much of a run’s viability is determined by how fast key items like ender pearls and blaze rods spawn, which means that setting a record run necessitates a lot of grinding. In a 29-page report, the Minecraft moderators analyzed Dream’s stream and concluded that the odds of getting the drops that he did was 1 in 177 billion. These extraordinarily small odds led the moderation team to conclude that Dream had used mods that boosted these rates–in short, he cheated.

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