Monster Hunter Rise Patch Out Now, Addresses Save Data Issue

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Capcom has rolled out a version 1.1.2 patch for Monster Hunter Rise. This update primarily addresses a number of bugs in the game, including the gesture issue that prevented some players from opening their save files.

Shortly following Monster Hunter Rise’s launch, an issue cropped up related to the Action and Hurt poses. Setting one of those gestures to the action bar or radial menu and quitting the game could potentially make your save file inaccessible. That issue has now been resolved with the version 1.1.2 update. If your file was previously affected, Capcom says you will now be able to resume your game.

The version 1.1.2 update patches up a few other bugs as well, including one that could cause your character to become unresponsive after you sit down on a bench in Kamura Village and use the Call Cohoot command. You can read the full patch notes, courtesy of the official Monster Hunter website, below.

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