Mythic Quest Announces Surprise Pandemic Special Airing Before Season 2

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Apple has announced that Mythic Quest will be getting another pandemic-era standalone special, according to a release. Like last year’s special quarantine episode, the upcoming “Everlight” will not technically be considered part of the show’s standard seasons. However, “Everlight” is set to air on Apple TV+ on April 16, making it a great lead-in to tide fans over until Season 2 finally kicks off on May 7.

Directed by co-creator, executive producer, and star Rob McElhenney and written by star Ashly Burch, the episode “presents a relatable subject that people all over the world are currently facing–the return to offices and co-workers.” In this new, half-hour special episode, “the team behind the biggest multiplayer video game” return for a LARPing tournament–which is probably exactly what we should all expect when we go back to our offices, except for the fact that Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs) is slated to appear in “Everlight.”

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