Netflix Just Released A Bizarre True Crime Doc About Stealing Art

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This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist hits Netflix on April 7, and it’s a newly released docuseries whose focus is pretty much right all there in the name. The four-part limited series takes a deep dive into a daring crime that took place over St. Patrick’s Day weekend 1990, when “two men dressed as cops con[ned] their way into a Boston museum and [stole] a fortune in art.” Check out the recently released trailer below.

The series has director Colin Barnicle “cover the leads, dead ends, lucky breaks, and speculations that characterized the investigation of this still unsolved mystery,” and he recently told the Boston Herald that he went into making the documentary knowing full well he won’t be able to give viewers any smoking guns or definitive answers. “Everyone [in Boston] knows about the case,” Barnicle said. “Anyone who dives into this case becomes obsessive about it.”

Instead, Barnicle says, what drove him to make the film is that despite the case’s notorious status, it “receded from the front pages almost immediately… between 1991 and ’97, there are no write-ups on the case in major newspapers.”

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