Netflix Tudum Fan Event Will Have First Looks At Cowboy Bebop, Stranger Things, And Much More

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Netflix has unveiled the full list of over 70 series, films, and specials that will be joining Tudum’s virtual stage on September 25. Like Comic-Con and DC before it, and as was recently announced, the streaming service is now getting into the streaming virtual fan events–this one, naturally, getting viewers pumped for upcoming content.

Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and Zack Snyder are just a handful of roughly 45 names newly announced as talent that will help take on co-hosting and announcing duties. Tudum (think, the sound the streaming service loudly makes when it boots up) will spotlight some of Netflix’s most popular returning shows such as Stranger Things, Bridgerton, The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy, Money Heist, and Cobra Kai, as well as blockbuster films like Red Notice, Don’t Look Up, Extraction, The Harder They Fall, and The Old Guard, among many others. Also of particular note is the highly-anticipated Cowboy Bebop, which is expected to have a presence.

Fans can co-stream the event by registering on the Tudum website. Netflix assured co-streamers will be able to stream on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch without fear of getting DMCA’d due to copyright strikes because the event will have content cleared for global use for three months. Just to be safe, Netflix recommends streamers turn off clips, highlights, and post broadcast vods of the events on Twitch.

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