Netflix's Gaming Push Continues With New Roguelike Based On Kate

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Streaming giant Netflix continues to push into the world of video games, and this includes a new game based on the recent action movie Kate starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson.

Kate: Collateral Damage is developed by the Brazil-based Ludic Studios (Arkane, The Keeper, Wind Runners). You play as Kate, an assassin who is seeking revenge against a Yakuza boss. The game is described as a “time-attack action roguelike” that is inspired by the movie.

Launching October 22 on Steam, Kate: Collateral Damage lets you obtain guns and melee weapons like pistols, submachine guns, knives, and katanas on your quest for bloody revenge. Every weapon in the game has “limited ammo,” so players need to fight strategically and keep seeking out new ones.

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