Netflix's Influencer Reality Show "Byron Baes" Draws Controversy In Australia

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Netflix is planning a new influencer reality TV show in Australia, but residents and businesses in the area are revolting and trying to stop the production from coming to town.

The show is called “Byron Baes,” and it’s set in the oceanside community of New South Wales’ Byron Bay, a popular beach community where Chris Hemsworth has a home. It’s also the site of the annual Byron Bay Blues Festival and it’s generally known to be a relatively quiet place that serves as an escape when people want to get out of the city and relax.

Netflix has proposed filming a reality show there and locals aren’t having it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, about 100 surfers went into the water on Tuesday to form a “cancel” symbol to protest the series. Some local businesses have refused to sign filming permits, such as the Byron Bay General Store.

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