Netflix's Sexy Beasts Promises Animal Lust, Horrifying Costumes

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Netflix has officially declared July 21 to this day forth be known as the premiere date for Sexy Beasts, an upcoming reality series that is sure to freak a lot of people out. Think Masked Singer meets Love is Blind, but then think of that pairing again as a million times weirder than you’d ever imagine.

In Sexy Beasts, singles head into blind dates after they have been transformed into animals and other mythical creatures via Hollywood movie prosthetics. Contestants will choose between three potential matches, and will only see the real face of their beloved after they have made their final decision. Check out the trailer recently shared on Netflix, which in a further twist at the end reveals that under the prosthetics, pretty much all the contestants look like models–really makes you think about checking your biases on judging a panda-book by the cover, huh?

Variety recently reported that the streaming service has picked up Sexy Beasts for two seasons, with comedian Rob Delaney (Catastrophe) serving as narrator. A six-episode Season 1 will release on July 21, with a second six-episode season to follow later this year. Across both seasons, 48 makeup designs were created by prosthetic artist Kristyan Mallet (Mission Impossible).

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