Netflix's The Witcher Announced Mysterious Six Days Of Witchmas

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Something new and weird is happening over on The Witcher Netflix series’ Twitter, which has recently sounded a clarion call for “the six days of Witchmas.” The thread–which you can see the beginning of below–indicates that starting December 15 and for the following six consecutive days, gifts (which are only referred to as “content”) will be given out a day after fans are given the opportunity to vote.

It seems the account is putting a flare out to announce it will be holding a series of Twitter polls, which will allow fans to decide what new screenshots or other assets (video or sound clips, maybe?) will be “gifted” to fans through the same account. The event will end on December 21, so hopefully there will be some more clarity at the latest by then, if not sooner once it gets underway. In hindsight, this Twitter event was teased in a YouTube clip last month, but it all still raises more questions than answers at this early date.

Meanwhile, the series restarted production on The Witcher Season 2 back in August. Like many other series, it had to retool to accommodate COVID safety protocols. However, with all precautions honored, the series has had two pauses due to positive COVID-19 tests. What’s worse, star Henry Cavill has reportedly sustained a minor leg injury–and the production is continuing without him for the moment. Hopefully, in the end, the show will not have suffered for all these complications–and for all involved to still be safe.

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