New Apex Legends Update Will Nerf Valkyrie, Removes Her "Tactical Hover"

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With the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) ramping up, developer Respawn is planning to implement an update that nerfs Valkyrie, the newest playable legend that was added in Season 9: Legacy. Respawn is removing Valkyrie’s ability to “tactical hover.”

At the start of Legacy, Reddit user Swogglenoz discovered that Valkyrie’s passive ability, VTOL Jets, consumed fuel at different rates depending on how you used it. For optimal hover time, you could activate Valkyrie’s tactical ability, Missile Swarm, and hold the rockets in without firing them, reducing her fuel consumption to 10 percent of its normal rate.

The tradeoff is that it slowed Valkyrie’s hover to a crawl–it basically made her a sitting duck. However, using this strategy in the final minutes of a match does allow Valkyrie to safely hover over fighting squads. Assuming they don’t notice her, she can remain airborne for a very long time and avoid most fights. It’s a strategy that players refer to as “tactical hover.”

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