New DnD Kobold Miniatures Are Great, Even For The Laziest DMs

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The vast majority of Dungeons & Dragons players are extremely familiar with kobolds, the tiny reptilian humanoids that any single player could easily take down, but they tend to roam in packs, and at times, some dungeon masters tend to overuse them for campaigns. Now, WizKids is releasing set of them with Icons of the Realms: Kobold Warband.

Hitting retailers, local game shops, and online in July, this pack of eight kobolds can be yours. The pack features two winged kobolds and six kobolds all with different weapons, and some of them are in action poses. This can freshen up your game for DMs who don’t know that the Monster Manual is more than just page 195. Check out some images of them along with the packaging for Icons of the Realms: Kobold Warband below.

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When the set releases, it will retail for $45. What makes this worth it for many DMs who only have you fight kobolds, week after week (yes, you Will) is the various poses and types of kobolds. Between regular and winged kobolds, you have more specific types. This includes two commoners, one regular kobold, a dragonshield, an inventor, a scale sorcerer, an underling, and a normal winged kobold. This set creates the entire hierarchy of this pesky low-level villain. So maybe your DM could raise the bar and focus on the different types of kobolds instead of just saying, “Here’s 10 kobolds to fight.” At times, those games can start to feel like a wash.

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