New God Of War Comic Explores Gap In Kratos' Story

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Dark Horse has announced a new God Of War comic named Fallen God, inspired by the 2018 reboot of the series. The new comic is designed as a prequel, picking up where God of War 3 left off and filling the gap between it and 2018’s Norse-inspired sequel.

In late 2018, Dark Horse published a different 4-part God of War prequel comic, which explored Kratos’ earlier adventures in the Norse wilds alongside son Atreus. The upcoming God of War: Fallen God appears to be going even further back, to explore Kratos’ fate after murdering Zeus at the end of God of War 3.

The team behind the 2018 comic has been reunited for Fallen God, with Chris Roberson writing and Tony Parker illustrating. Also joining them are colorist Dan Jackson and letterer John Roshell, with cover art by Dave Rapoza.

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