New Halo Infinite Art Revealed Through A Calendar Ahead Of E3 2021

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Ahead of the Xbox E3 briefing on Sunday, new art for Halo Infinite has emerged, albeit through an unusual manner. Among the many merchandising campaigns for Halo Infinite is a partnership with a calendar company for a Halo Infinite calendar. The listing for this calendar is now live on, and it shows off what looks to be new art from the next-gen Halo title.

Shinobi602 on Twitter spotted the 18-month 2022 calendar, which contains images that show more of Zeta Halo, the setting of Halo Infinite. One particularly striking image shows a Spartan soldier–potentially Master Chief himself–floating above the ground in the dark as a ship approaches and shines a light on this person. Other images show off more of the landscapes and environments in Halo Infinite; it all looks pretty nice.

The calendar itself, which was created by Trends International, sells for $15 and apparently releases later this year.

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