New Paragon update brings a new hero and a few tweaks – It's something she's going through

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Epic Games’ MOBA Paragon gets an update next week and with it comes a new face along with changes to existing ones.

The new hero making their appearance is Phase, a purple haired young lady capable of throwing out balls of energy as well as throwing her friends around. She’s capable of dragging her allies around the arena, as well as tethering herself to them to provide them with substantial buffs to bolster their fighting prowess.

Several existing heroes will also be tweaked to make them more viable choices in battle. Kallari has gained a triple jump ability as well as better tools for survivability while others have been given buffs to their abilities. As well as this, there are also improvements to the cards available in the game. For full details check out the patch notes over at the official site.

The game is currently in open beta on PS4 and PC, and the new patch goes live on Tuesday May 16th


Source: God is Geek