New Pokemon Snap: How To Find The Seafloor Illumina Pokemon

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Your overarching goal in New Pokemon Snap is to help Professor Mirror research the Illumina phenomenon, a mysterious occurrence causing certain Pokemon and plant life around the Lental region to inexplicably glow. As part of this research, you’ll need to travel about the region’s different islands and photograph the elusive Illumina Pokemon, which are the key to unraveling the mystery behind the phenomenon.

While most of the six Illumina Pokemon you need to photograph are fairly easy to find, the one located in the Lental Seafloor area, in particular, may give you some trouble, as it’s tied to a very specific interaction that you need to trigger using Illumina Orbs. This is the only instance in which you need to use these orbs to open a new pathway, but the game offers no clear indication of this, so you may find yourself at a loss for how to progress. If you get stuck, here’s how to find the Seafloor Illumina Pokemon.

How To Find The Seafloor Illumina Pokemon

Before we get into the specifics, it’s important to note that your quest to find Illumina Pokemon is primarily tied to Research Levels, one of the new features that New Pokemon Snap boasts over the original game. Each locale you visit has its own Research Level, which you can increase by taking photos of its endemic Pokemon and having them evaluated by Professor Mirror. The more photos you take, the more Expedition Points you’ll earn, especially for photos that the professor scored higher–this is the quickest way to boost your Research Level. As a locale’s Research Level increases, you’ll open up more photo opportunities; new kinds of Pokemon and interactions will appear around that area, and you’ll even gain access to alternate pathways that will help lead to Illumina Pokemon.

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